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The Group of Schools of Mechanics in Namysłów is the leader of vocational education in the Namysłów county – we are the school with character and future.

The history of our school starts in 1956, and the experience in education we have, influences on didactic and organisational tasks which reflect the main message - friendly, open school supporting the development of young people.

Our values and priorities:

1. Supporting the students’ development and care of their safety.
2. Effective and modern teaching that suits the needs and expectations of young people.
3. Maintaining regional and national tradition.
4. Adherence of social norms, tolerance and respect.
5. Cooperation with students’ parents.
6. Gaining funds in order to modernise the equipment.
7. Cooperation with employers and institutions.
8. Creation of positive image in the local environment.

The assets of the school:

  • Well qualified teachers
  • Flexibility in creating an offer adjusted to the needs of local labour market
  • Cooperation with local traders and companies
  • Modern classrooms
  • European Union Projects and vocational practice abroad
  • Workshops
  • A modern library with the access to the Internet


  • School excursions
  • Discoes
  • Competitions
  • Sports club

…. and many others just for students.