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English (UK)



It is the best option. We have got a character and we show you all the prospects. 

If you choose us this school can be your school.

WHY US?? Because a good choice of profession gives you better prospects for future.

WHY US?? Because many of your friends have already chosen us.


  • Nowadays the most important are professional skills. You would be able to start your career, be independent and develop your skills.
  • Vocational School is a good choice when we are thinking about future job. After graduating you would be able to qualify.
  • Technical Secondary School enables you to get professional sills but also pass the matura exam and get to university.
  • Our syllabus allows you taking part in many interesting vocational classes and in vocational training in a country or abroad.
  • We adapt educational subject to the job market.


  • Communication and interpersonal skills are the most important for us
  • We take into account all the students’ needs
  • We find individuality valuable
  • We support the youngsters especially with some technical skills
  • We can feel safety here
  • We prefer healthy lifestyle and sport activities
  • We develop all your skills
  • We have new hi-tech equipment and multimedia classrooms
  • We have many union projects
  • We organize vocational trips and different workshops
  • We make a school library and Multimedia Center of Information available to you
  • We help you to find good vocational training in local and regional market
  • We help you to prepare for passing all the final exams (matura and vocational exams)